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Get an overview of how Robin can help improve your workplace experience before you reopen and longer term. Plan out where people sit socially distanced for move-in or map out a longer term seating strategy. Our team will walk you through our new product updates that can be your resource both today and down the road.

Original airdate: June 18, 2020
Length: 28:43

Hosted by:


Nirvanna Lildharrie

Enterprise Account Executive

Nirvanna Lildharrie is an Enterprise Account Executive at Robin, bringing workplace management tools and great employee experiences to companies all around the world. In her 1.5 years at Robin, Nirvanna has spoken to hundreds of companies about how to improve their workplace strategy. 


Brendan O'Neil

Go-To-Market Lead, Robin

Brendan O'Neil is the Go-To-Market Lead at Robin and was the company's first salesperson back in 2014. Brendan quite literally eats, sleeps, and breathes workplace, from deep dives with industry experts to daily research on the best new offices and workplace tech. He's the go-to consultative ear on any office project.