When the average person hears the term ergonomics, they likely think of an office chair with lumbar support. But ergonomics is more than just a comfy place to sit.

COVID-19 has given us pause to rethink how our workspaces work and more importantly, how ergonomics plays an active part in both our mental and physical wellbeing. We’re thrilled to speak with Jared Vallair, Senior Global Workplace Designer at Ripple, on the topic of ergonomics as we redefine our future workspaces — whether they exist downtown in our city skyscrapers or back home in our living rooms.

Original airdate: August 27, 2020
Length: 53:09

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Jared Vallair

Jared Vallair

Senior Global Workplace Designer at Ripple

Jared Vallair received his undergraduate degree from Tufts University in Massachusetts, also attending and completing Harvard's Graduate School of Design summer program for Architecture during his education in Boston. He then attended California College of the Arts in San Francisco, receiving his Masters of Architecture. During his study he also engaged in various design and build related roles. Currently, he is the Senior Global Workplace Designer for Ripple, where he leads the design, project management and construction for all office builds. He has collectively and collaboratively established the designs for offices in San Francisco, New York, London & Singapore.

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Gabrielle Dalvet

Brand Strategy Manager at Robin

Gabrielle Dalvet is the Brand Strategy Manager at Robin and has hosted over a dozen workplace industry dinners and roundtables and sponsored workplace conferences around the US, engaging in conversation about the office with leaders from companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and more. Prior to joining tech, she led retail marketing and design initiatives for global sports brands New Balance and '47. She has her undergraduate degree in French Literature from Boston University.