With workplaces prioritizing employee health and safety over everything, admins find themselves on an office cleaning learning curve. What was once an outsourced “set it and forget it” service, cleaning is now one of the most researched industry topics, riddled with misconceptions and price gouging.

To help you round out your research and answer cleaning questions, we partnered with Roman Peysakhovich, CEO and Co-Founder of Onedesk, the platform that makes booking and managing cleaning services a breeze. He and his family have decades of commercial cleaning experience to help workplace teams answer questions and dispel myths, like, “Do I need to do a deep office clean prior to reopening?” (The answer, surprisingly, is no).

Original airdate: July 30, 2020
Length: 41:28

Hosted by:

Roman Peysakhovich

Roman Peysakhovich

CEO & Co-Founder, Onedesk

Roman Peysakhovich is the CEO and Co-Founder of Onedesk. After a deep dive into the commercial cleaning industry, Roman experienced first-hand how disjointed and frustrating the process for purchasing and managing commercial cleaning is for office managers. Roman realized technology hadn't yet caught up with the commercial cleaning industry, and set out to introduce a modern solution with Onedesk.


Brendan O'Neil

Go-To-Market Lead

Brendan O'Neil is the Go-To-Market Lead at Robin and was the company's first salesperson back in 2014. Brendan quite literally eats, sleeps, and breathes workplace, from deep dives with industry experts to daily research on the best new offices and workplace tech. He's the go-to consultative ear on any office project.