Reopening the office is an ongoing project and for companies with multiple offices around the world, it can feel daunting planning the right experience for each. That's why we're bringing together the best and brightest in our network to share their expertise.

Listen to our conversation with Darren Graver, Workplace Expansion Lead at TransferWise, about the challenges that come with reopening multiple offices for thousands of employees across different countries and cultures.

Hear what's worked well so far, how his team planned for a balance of in-office and remote work in 2021, and how the shift to a hybrid workweek changes the way he thinks about the physical workplace.

Original airdate: February 10, 2021
Length: 1 hour



Darren Graver

Workplace Expansion Lead

Darren Graver is the Workplace Expansion Lead at TransferWise where he is responsible for designing and executing the company's global workplace strategy. Day-to-day, Darren incorporates industry-leading practices including the design of future workplace environments, introduction of technology, cultural change management, policies, and guidelines.



Brendan O'Neil

Program Manager at Robin

Brendan O’Neil is the Program Manager at Robin and a lively fan of all things workplace. He oversees our paid and organic social media efforts to strategic initiatives that impact departments across the organization. He’s hosted several in-person events including Infocomm and Neocon, engaging in conversation about the workplace with companies around the world. He’s also the company’s go-to emcee for every trivia game and team-wide kickoff.