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Robin makes it easy to manage desks and meeting room spaces to maintain a controlled office environment.

Get a demo to see how Robin helps you:

→ Customize floor plans to meet social distancing requirements

→ Empower employees to book their own desks and meeting rooms

→ Keep track of who has been in your office (and where they were) to help with tracing


*In order to receive a $50 Amazon gift card, you must:
- attend a 20 minute demo of Robin before October 1, 2020
- work at a company with more than 200 employees
- be involved in your company’s back-to-office planning and/or office space management

Thousands of workplaces run on Robin

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Deliver a safe workplace experience

Learn more about how Robin can help you prepare your floor plan to meet social distancing requirements and arrange desks to stagger your people effectively.


Office resource management

Manage meeting space and desk inventory all on the office map for a more flexible environment.


Distance Planning

Start planning a safer office environment for your team with desk management for physical distancing.


Scheduling & wayfinding

Help people book meeting rooms, change desks, and find their teammates quicker.


Workplace analytics

Uncover how to tailor your office to your team’s needs with data-driven decisions.


Visualize your desks on day 1

Map out distance planning and draft new seating charts. Plan for reduced capacity and visualize your office at each stage.


Report on how people use the office

Stay on top of who’s been in the office and when using exports that track both assigned and flexible desks.