How much does a bad meeting cost? 

37 Billion dollars are wasted every year on unproductive meetings. Often overlooked, but essential to potential success is the planning before you schedule meetings. Taking time to consider the optimal attendees, space and equipment necessary for your meeting can help you consistently plan more efficient meetings. This step-by-step guide will help any meeting organizer understand how to schedule more efficient meetings.

From this guide you’ll understand:

  • Whether or not a meeting should be scheduled 
  • Who to invite to the meeting
  • In what meeting space the meeting should be held 
  • What meeting equipment you need to be successful, so you can find a conference room with the right resources

Meetings by the numbers: 

72% of employees say meetings are unproductive and inefficient

The average employee spends 372 hours in inefficient meetings every year

The United States loses $37 billion from unproductive meetings every year.

What’s the price of bad meetings in your office?